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So Pure Cooling Elixir

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Super cool days ahead with So Pure Cooling Elixir, a concentrated serum filled with organic plant extracts and argan oil. An intense leave-in treatment for scalp and hair.
So Pure Cooling Elixir  is Suitable for All hair types
Chilling with healthy hair Keep that cool-headed sensation all day long with So Pure Cooling Elixir. We concentrated all those chilling organic plant extracts you love so much in So Pure Cooling Shampoo – so you can massage it directly onto the scalp. Don’t rinse! This is a convenient leave-in elixir that feels as intense as it works. Thicker than traditional lotions, So Pure Cooling Elixir stimulates scalp circulation with a rich blend of organic peppermint and rosemary essential oils. While organic argan oil does its great thing, nourishing and moisturizing hair and scalp.