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Cloud Nine vs GHD hair straighteners

Cloud Nine hair straighteners vs GHD hair straighteners 

This is a question we get asked a lot! I think it’s all down to personal preference,  but knowing a little more about the Cloud Nine is probably a great place to start! 

Where are Cloud Nine hair straighteners from?

Many may not know this, but cloud nine is created From the original founder of ghd, Cloud Nine is a multi-award winning hair straightener that insiders swear by. 

Why do hairdressers recommend Cloud Nine? 

Cloud Nine straighteners have temperature control, and signature mineral infused ceramic plates for a shine like no other.

What do we recommend for our customers - you!

Hair dressers and hair salons love using the best hair styling tools on their clients. That is why we use and love cloud nine straighteners, we recommend these tools over the ghd as the cloud nine have the temperature control feature which helps reduce damage and increase the overall health of your hair reducing damage.  

Are GHD really the best hair straighteners? 

 It really depends on your specific needs, many believe the ghd is the best out there but make sure you know the pros and cons of each straightener before you make your investment. 

Where can I buy GHD or Cloud Nine hair straighteners from ?

 From us!! We stock cloud nine hair straighteners in our salon - we can specially order in any styling tool you wish from GHD, so make sure you get in contact with us, we are more than happy to answer your questions and get the perfect tool for your hair! 

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