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Keune Hair Care Must Haves for all hair types

These are 6 Must Haves for you! No matter what type of hair you have; curly hair, long hair, straight hair, short hair, coloured hair, wavy hair, black hair, blonde hair, red hair, auburn hair, treated hair, natural uncoloured hair, seriously - any hair type! 
We have specifically selected these items as they are great to nourish, protect and build bonds for you to have the best possible hair you will ever have! use these items weekly and you can't go wrong! Our list consists of a Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner, Heat Protector, Hair Spray, Moisturising Hair Mask and finally Bond Fusion! 


Absorbs oils and impurities, to instantly refresh hair between washes while adding fullness. For all hair types, especially those prone to oiliness.

Shop Here: Dry Shampoo


#2 Dry Conditioner! 

Feather-light dry conditioning spray that leaves hair soft and detangled, for all types of hair. This instant conditioner has some of the benefits of our dry shampoo – like absorbing oils and leaving no white residue. But it also detangles hair and adds nice, natural shine. For soft, totally touchable hair without a drop of water.

Shop Here: Dry Conditioner  

#3 Heat Protector

A protective spray that shields hair from the heat of styling irons. Ensures up to 92% less hair breakage after a thermal treatment. Adds a natural shine to styled hair.

Why we love it! 
• Adds natural shine
• Heat protection up to 230°C
• Ensures 92% less hair breakage after a thermal treatment
• UV filter

Shop Here: Heat Protector 


#4 Soft Hold Hair Spray / fix spray 

We love this for an everyday / must have for everyone as it is a weightless working hairspray, it has a flexible finish. Adds a natural shine to your hair, Easy to brush out before bed and have a UV filter to protect your hair from the sun! Keep your flyaways at bay with this spray! 

Shop Here: Soft Hold Hairspray 

#5 Hair Care Deep Conditioning Mask - Satin Oil

This pampering mask intensely hydrates, nourishes and treats each individual strand from the inside out. After rinsing, hair is left irresistibly soft, silky and shiny.

Shop Here: Satin Oil Hair Mask


 #6 Bond Fusion 

 The keune bond fusion is a top seller in our salon and we love it! It is a premium treatment, it works by repairing and rebuilding broken bonds, even creating new ones.

Bond Fusion is compatible with all hair types and textures, virgin hair and hair that's been chemically treated or colored before! 

Shop Here: Bond Fusion