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So Pure Calming Elixir

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Gently treat sensitive scalp to the goodness it needs to heal. Massage and leave in So Pure Calming Elixir, a luxurious serum that targets irritated skin with organic plant extracts.
So Pure Calming Elixir is Suitable for All hair types
Luxurious, intense treatment When it’s time to rebalance the health of the scalp, we look at what this special type of skin needs. Soothed irritation and gentle healing. So Pure Calming Elixir is a concentrate of revitalizing plant nectars and extracts. This makes it thicker than lotions, so you can easily massage some into the scalp and leave it in. Organic chamomile extract calm irritation, while lavender helps the healing process. We also included organic argan oil – a vitamin A and E boost for scalp. But we didn’t forget about hair! So Pure Calming Elixir conditions and adds volume – so hair keeps on looking fabulous.