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FAQ: Sew In

What are "sew in" hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are an extension that is sewn together by hand by a professional.

FAQ: Micro Tape

What are micro tape extensions?

Micro tape extensions are a flat, invisible and flexable tape extension. They are gentle and non damaging to your hair, with both application and removal.

How long do micro tape extensions last?

The hair extensions last up to two years if well maintained. The ongoing Maintainence on removal and reapplying can be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

How do you take them out?

We use a salon professional oil based remover. this is gently applied to break down the bonds surrounding the hair sharft to remove the extension. Your hair is then cleasnsed dryied and ready for re-application. Removal takes up to 30minutes. Removal and re-application can take up to 90 minutes

Are micro bead or tape extensions better?

It is really dependant on what the client prefers, we personally love the micro tape as it is quick to apply and remove, less noticeable in the hair, more comfortable for the client and will last longer.